Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Protect A National Treasure

Urge Congress to Pass the Great Lakes Water Resources Compact

The Great Lakes are in danger of depletion from commercial interests hooking up pipelines and sending tankers to take water out of the basin. Although the Great Lakes basin contains nearly 20 percent of the earth’s fresh surface water, rainfall and snowmelt replenish only about one percent of the water in the basin each year. The rest is finite and nonrenewable. There is a growing demand for water by utilities, agriculture, manufacturers, and residents throughout the region. As regional demand increases, there is growing pressure to divert water from the Great Lakes to other regions and even to other countries. Current laws are not strong enough to protect the Great Lakes and maintain enough water to meet the needs of residents and wildlife in the region.

Congress must approve the Great Lakes Water Resources Compact to protect our Great Lakes and the people, fish, wildlife, outdoor recreation, and economic interests that depend on them. All eight Great Lakes states have already ratified the compact, agreeing on a set of rules that everyone will follow to protect the Lakes. Ontario and Quebec have also approved an agreement with the same rules. Now, Congress must pass the Great Lakes Water Compact to finalize it.

It is vital that members of Congress hear from supporters both within and outside the Great Lakes region that we want them to protect this national treasure. Please urge your Representative and Senators to vote for the Great Lakes Water Resources Compact.

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